Water-to-Go gets festive at Xmas show

We’ve just got back from 4 fantastic days at the Festive Gift Fair at the NEC.

Our filtered water bottles went down a storm (selling out on the final day)! There will be lots of happy people who’ll be receiving one of our filters in their stockings on Christmas morning!

We even had the pleasure and privelage of meeting jolly old Saint Nick who thought our filtered bottles were amazing!

Beefy’s walk brings new health hopes to Sri Lankan children

Cricket legend, Sir Ian Botham (aka, Beefy) has been in his walking shoes, yet again to raise funds for Charity.

Beefy’s Big Sri Lanka Walk took him over 200 miles from the North of Sri Lanka to south of Colombo in the heat and humidity.

Sri Lanka has been devastated by 30 years of Civil War then in 2004 Tsunami hit the Sri Lankan Coast destroying everything in it’s path. Killing over 30,000 people and leaving over 100,000 homeless.

The walk raised money for both the Foundation of Goodness and Laureus sport for good foundation.

For the walk we had special ‘Beefy’ bottles made up to keep Sir Ian and the Beefy team safe on their journey and also to donate to local children who suffer from damaged kidneys due to contaminated water. The bottles were distributed to the children on Day 2 of the walk by Beefy himself.

“They’ve had real problems in this area with water pollution and they’re not sure where it’s come from,” Beefy tells Sky Sports. “It has caused a lot of kidney problems.

“So we’ve got 350 water bottles that the kids can use three

times a day; they can put puddle water in, which the bottle filters and it lasts three months. So hopefully it will make
a bit of a difference.”

The walk will finish on 8th November 2013. For more information or to donate to this fantastic cause visit www.beefysbigsrilankawalk.com

The best foods to keep you hydrated

We’re all about hydration here at Water-to-Go. We pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get access to safe water no matter where you are but, we often forget that 20-30% of the water we consume comes from our food!

So as well as using our filtered water bottles to wet your whistle, we’ve compiled a list of the best foods to help keep you hydrated:

Cucumber has the highest water content (96.7%) of any food! Great way to keep your hydration levels topped up by adding to a salad or a sandwich!


Iceberg Lettuce: veglettuce
It may not hold as much fibre and Vitamin K as other lettuce can offer, but Iceberg Lettuce is waves ahead of the rest in water content (95.6%).


Seen as a bit of food exercise (as you burn more calories than you consume when eating) celery is made up primarily of water (95.4%). Don’t write it off too quickly though. As well as hydration benefits, celery also contains Vitamins A, C & K and is a natural remedy for heartburn!


Radishes: vegradishes
Not only bursting with water (95.3%) but radishes are rich in antioxidants like catechin which do wonders for your health!


Often mistaken as a vegetable, but there’s no mistaking their water content (94.5%). Green Peppers: All peppers have a high water content but green peppers (93.7%) are leaders of the gang when it comes to hydration. They also carry just as much antioxidants as other varieties!


Cauliflower: vegcauliflower
It may look dry but in addition to containing lots of water (92.1%), Cauliflower is flourishing with vitamins and phytonutrients. Studies have shown they can lower cholesterol and help to fight cancer.


vegwater melonWater Melon:
The clue’s in the name! But as well as being high in water (91.5%), this type of melon is over flowing with the antioxidant lycopene, which has been proven to help fight cancer!


Spinach: vegspinach
Our old friend Popeye set a good example when it came to spinach. It may not give you super-human strength but spinach is rich in lutein, potassium, fiber, and folate! It’s also great for hydration with a water content of 91.4%.


vegstar fruitStar Fruit (Carambola):
Not only is it one of the prettiest fruits around but as rich in water (91.4%) as it is in antioxidants! People with kidney problems should stay clear of this fruit due to the high content of oxalic acid!


Strawberries: vegstrawberries
No berry is better for hydration than strawberries. Juicy, delicious and bursting with water (91.01%).


Filled with fiber, potassium, vitamin A & C it’s also jam packed full of water (90.7%). Broccoli is the veggie of choice to keep you healthy and hydrated!



veggrapefruit As well as having a high water content (90.5%), grapefruit is supposed be an excellent way to lower your cholesterol. Some studies have shown that it even helps facilitate weight loss!



vegbaby carrotsBaby Carrots:
You’d think that if carrots are carry a lot of water then the bigger the better, right?! Apparently size isn’t everything when it comes to water content. Baby carrots boast a water content of 90.4% where their parents (regular carrots), have around 88.3%.


Cantaloupe: vegcantaloupe
The second highest water content in melon goes to the cantaloupe (90.2%). Low in calories and delivers your daily intake of vitamins A & C in one hit! A great way to start the day!

Healthy Water, Healthy Body!

Water-to-Go heading to Australasia!

We’re living up to our name here at Water-to-Go as we make our way to the other side of the world!

We’re now being exclusively distributed in New Zealand, Australia, Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands (Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Nauru and Niue).

The bottles sold from this side of the world will even feature a new logo showing the relevant countries.

So if you’ve got friends and family living in Australasia let them know that the chance to get access to pure, safe water; whenever, wherever is coming soon.

Check out www.watertogo.co.nz

Happy filtering!

Yellow water coming out of taps

More issues with UK tap water are driving people to use powerful water filters in their homes as well as the great outdoors.

The most recent case is yellow water coming out of the tap in the Devon and Cornwall area.

Locals have been complaining about the yellow peril that is haunting their water. The contaminated water is due to high levels of magenese (a natural chemical which is supposed to be removed).

South West Water (SWW) have stated that the water is safe to drink as long as you’re not pregnant and not drinking it in large quantities. However, over 200 residents have complained to SWW saying the water tastes horrible and tastes of metal!

While water issues in the UK continue to emerge, (for example fracking and fluoridation) Water-to-Go users continue to have the last laugh by getting rid of all the nasties that might sneak into the municipal water supply.

Fluoride Reduces IQ of Children According to Harvard University

Harvard University have recently published a study that has found that kids that live in areas of America that have larger amounts of fluoridated water have dramatically lower IQ’s than those living in areas with low fluoride in water.

The researchers from the study (which was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)) state in the report that:

“Findings from our meta-analyses of 27 studies published over 22 years suggest an inverse association between high fluoride exposure and children’s intelligence… The results suggest that fluoride may be a developmental neurotoxicant that affects brain development at exposures much below those that can cause toxicity in adults…”

“In conclusion, our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment. Future research should formally evaluate dose-response relations based on individual-level measures of exposure over time, including more precise prenatal exposure assessment and more extensive standardized measures of neurobehavioral performance, in addition to improving assessment and control of potential confounders.”

The full report can be downloaded for free here

So what actually is fluoride?

Fluoride is a chemical ion of the element fluorine It’s also a by-product (mainly from phosphate fertiliser industry) It is supposed to be included in tap water to help improve dental hygiene and reduce cavities.

Fluoride has been linked to cause:

  • Dental Fluorosis: (White and brown spots appear on the enamel of the teeth)
  • Skeletal Fluorosis: (symptoms include pains in the bones and joints, muscle weakness and gastrointestinal disorders)
  • Osteoporosis: (decreasing bone strength and elasticity)
  • Cancer
  • Kidney Problems

Two council leaders in Southampton and Hampshire are currently fighting a battle to prevent fluoride been added to the water supply.

Hampshire Leader, Roy Perry said:

“We think it is wrong to put medication in our supply. It is impossible to add fluoride and guarantee where it will go.”

The issue of water fluoridation continues and concerns in the UK are growing. If you are worried about water fluoridation and its effects in your area then we are pleased to announce that with a Water-to-Go bottle will filter it out for you!

The Fracking Story

Talks of fracking in the UK is prompting people to invest in water filters for their homes due to the potential risk of underground water contamination as a result of the process.
So what is fracking?

Fracking is a process of drilling down into the earth and injecting water, sand and chemicals into the rock in order to release the gas inside.
Why is it controversial?

Fracking in the US has caused huge environmental issues. The process uses massive amounts of water that has to be transported to the fracking site.

The second is the worry that potentially cancerous chemicals used may escape and contaminate the groundwater in the area where the fracking is taking place. This could have disastrous effect on the local water supply and has resulted in a huge rise in the number of people investing in Water-to-Go bottles.

There’s also concerns that fracking can cause minor earthquakes as well. Fracking in Blackpool in 2011 resulted in two small earthquakes!

Will I be affected by fracking?

It’s expected fracking will happen in up to six locations in Lancashire over the next few years, starting in 2014. Under new guidelines areas affected by fracking will receive £100,000 in community benefits and 1% of revenues. A Lancashire campaign group has stated that the benefit packages would go nowhere near to compensating those affected!

What do you think about fracking in the UK?

Thumbs up from Dr. Paul

We were lucky enough to meet and hear from Dr. Paul Thomas last week at the rebirth of the Body Life UK Fitness Convention.

Dr. Paul Thomas, nicknamed ‘The Business Doctor’ by the BBC, was the main speaker at Bodylife, which played host to Owners and Directors from the top 50 gyms, health clubs and fitness centres from the UK!

Dr. Paul was kind enough to give us a few shout outs and remarked what a great idea Water-to-Go is and how he thought our bottles are brilliant!

Thanks for the kind words Doctor!

You can follow Dr. Paul on Twitter @businessdocme