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Guest blog post from Rosie Dimech about 'Find the Map Travel' and their experience of travelling with Water-to-Go. Rosie gives a fascinating insight into family travels and the amazing places they have visited.

Our modus operandi is ‘Collecting Memories and not Things’! We are a full-time travel family that gave up life in the suburbs to go and explore the world with our kids.

Yes, what we are doing is considered ‘Brave’ to some and just plain ‘Crazy’ to others. However, you only get one life, so you might as well spend your time living your dreams rather than waiting… for them to come true.

My dream is to get to know our kids better and have the time to make unique and long-lasting memories.

So we packed up our lives in the suburbs and are now travelling Europe in a Motorhome spending every day together.

Find The Map’s 20 Countries and Counting

As you can see we have been to over 20 countries in the last year and our biggest parental concern when traveling is the health and safety of our children.

Water-to-Go providing Clean, Safe Drinking Water

Finding reliable safe drinking water in new locations is a top priority. Is the water at our new destination safe to drink? Was a constant question for me as a parent.

We just couldn’t be 100% positive that the water sources were reliable, so I needed a solution that would work no matter where we went.

A fellow traveller recommended the Water-to-Go Filtered Bottle. I love recommendations as they have been tried, tested and deemed trustworthy by someone else. So I did a little research and brought our own bottles.

We have five 50cl bottles and take them everywhere with us. They go up mountains, on city trips and even to restaurants with us.

They are small, lightweight and the perfect size for kids. I no longer have to think about boiling water to drink ‘just in case’ as I can rely on the Water-to-Go filter to remove 99.9% of microbiological contaminants.

As a traveller and parent, Water-to-Go bottles give me peace of mind. Without them we face the prospect of sick kids, lost travel time, doctors and medical bills.

Its one less thing that I have to organise or pre-think before travelling to a new destination, especially if it is a foreign country.

Having clean and safe drinking water is a priority for my family! So is the reduction in single-use plastic, which these bottles facilitate.

Read more on the benefits of using Water-to-Go Filtered Water Bottles for the Environment on our website.

If you are unsure of the water quality in the country or location you are travelling to I recommend you get yourself a Water-to-Go Bottle, which will also help save our environment by reducing the number of single-use plastic bottles that end up in landfill.

It’s a small price to pay to have peace of mind on your next trip.

Health and Happiness Partnership

Water To Go are delighted to announce our partnership with Health and Happiness

Health & Happiness AG is a privately owned company in Switzerland that are introducing revolutionary, environmentally beneficial products aimed at improving personal life quality and health.

Its corporate vision is to “Connect Minds and Enable Greatness”. We have no doubt that they can enable greatness as their products are truly incredible and could be life changing for a lot of people in the future.

Health & Happiness AG also has interests in their Chinese affiliate, HH (Shanghai) Ltd, who are a 100% WOFE owned corporation, which deals with Green Hi-Tech and Environmental Health Products. HH (Shanghai) also holds various Exclusive Agency Agreements with notable and superior Swiss, UK and EU brands for Greater China. Health & Happiness AG is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland and has its offices across Switzerland. It is a very exciting time for them now and we are looking forward to working with them.

Health & Happiness AG is a proud supporter of Water-To-Go Ltd and their drinking bottles, and has subsequently placed an order of 1,000 bottles to both donate to Environmental and School Projects in East-Asia as well as provide to selected groups in Europe.
Health and Happiness Connecting Minds – Enabling Greatness

This association clearly demonstrates the ability and willingness of Water To Go to support charities, good causes and events by co-branding bottles. The bottle becomes a symbol of Water To Go and the client’s support for these projects.

If you have been keeping up with everything that’s going on at Water To Go (if not, why not!), you would have noticed that this is a very exciting time for the business with new partnerships and new clients entering the frame. It is fantastic that these companies and organisations such as Health and Happiness want to work with us. We are incredibly grateful to help out and be a part of their journeys as we all seek to save the planet. It is a great way for us to promote the brand worldwide but to also make a difference and help out those who are less fortunate than ourselves. In truth, all that is important in life is health and happiness and that is what we hope to deliver in this partnership.

Watch this space and follow our journey on our social media platforms and our website.

1,800 Miles by Stand Up Paddle Board for Water Aid

On the 1st March 2016 Kate Davis and Andy Bartlett will leave London and head to the Black Forest of Germany to start their attempt at becoming the first people to stand-up paddleboard the entire length of the Danube River. From the source of the river in the small German town of Donaueschingen, they will then travel over 1800 miles, passing through 10 countries and 4 capital cities before reaching the rivers end at the Black Sea on the border of Romania and Ukraine. Carrying all their supplies with them on their boards (including a Water-to-Go bottle each) the trip is expected to take 3 months covering an average of 25 miles a day.

Both Kate and Andy have left their respective jobs and homes to take on this adventure and have never attempted anything of this scale or challenge before. The trip is fully self-funded and will be unsupported once they start paddling relying on their own skills and the kindness of those they meet along the way.

They will be raising money for Water Aid in the process.

Kate, a 30 year old former Internal Communications Officer for VSO says, “this is not a race for us and we are keen to ensure we take in all the river has to offer and especially connect with the locals who live along the rivers path, to find out how it impacts their daily lives.”

Andy, a Former Director of an event management company says,”Huge thanks to Water-to-Go for supplying us with bottles for the upcoming ‘SUP The Danube’. We’re never going to be short of water and having their amazing bottles and filters means it will all be safe to drink.

A brilliant and simple solution to getting clean water and yet a huge reminder of why we’re raising money for Water Aid. Clean safe water is something we take for granted even when heading out on an incredible adventure and yet is still not accessible to millions of people around the world. Take a moment to look at the work Water Aid are engaged in and find out how you can get involved”

The adventure will take the pair into 10 Countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and pass through 4 Capital cities (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade).

Follow their SUP adventure:

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£250,000 raised for Macmillan Cancer Support

Sam Greatrex has successfully raised £250,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support broken THREE world records and travelled over 10,000 miles (all with his Water-to-Go bottles).

29 year old cancer survivor, Sam, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma when he was just 10 years old. The help and support he received from Macmillan prompted him to embark on his incredible journey.

The trip began with a 2,700 mile cycle from Paris to Lagos in Portugal. After a quick Christmas break and some much needed weight gain, he rowed 3,800 nautical miles with a team of four other adventurers from Lagos to Venezuela in just 51 days (a new world record)!

Sam then hit the road again once more on his bike and proceeded to cycle a further 4,000 miles to Peru where he was informed that he had smashed his previous target of £240,000 and raised a staggering £250,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Sam was kind enough to send us this email:

“Hope all’s well at Water-to-Go. Just to let you know that I arrived at the South Pacific coast at the town of Paracas, Peru, last week to complete the challenge, and just a few days earlier received the news that the expedition had raised £250,000 for Macmillan.

Thank you for all your support along with the motivational words to keep me going over the last few years.

The Thames river, the Amazon, and the deserts of Peru were no problem for the Water-to-Go bottles. They were an essential piece of kit from the very start of my journey in Birmingham to cycle through Europe and South America. The reliability of the filters and practicality to fill the bottles at almost any water source meant that there was one less thing to worry about during the physically exhausting times of the journey.”

Congratulations to Sam. We are all very proud here at Water-to-Go HQ.

You can read more about Sam’s journey on his blog: