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Water-to-Go is 10 years old

Water-to-Go has turned 10 years old this year!

We are delighted to be celebrating Water-to-Go’s 10th anniversary as a company in 2020.

When the company was founded back in 2010, we didn’t think it would have developed into the business it is today but thanks to the support of our partners, investors and our customers; we have been able to grow and continue to fulfil our mission: to change the world, one bottle at a time.

Read more below about our 10 year journey so far…⬇️

How it Started

Water-to-Go was founded in 2010 by Dave Shanks, who sought to create a sustainable solution to single-use plastic bottles, after seeing the effects of plastic pollution on his travels. From there, a reusable bottle and the Water-to-Go 3-in-1 nanotechnology filters were born! Combining three different technologies, the results were perfect for all outdoor pursuits and travel as all microbiological contaminants are filtered with up to 99.9999% efficiency.

Realising that here was a technology that could provide clean healthy water almost anywhere and which could also reduce the environmental damage being done was the motivation to establish the Water-to-Go brand and business.


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Once Water-to-Go was incorporated as a business, Dave and the team began to trade within the UK, selling the bottles via our own website and with several outdoor retailers. As demand and interest grew in the UK, Dave began to get further interest in selling the bottles overseas. The first distributors in 2014 were Sweden and France, and we have continued to grow from there.

Whilst we are based in the UK, we now have a number of distributors around the world that sell and distribute Water-to-Go bottles. This ranges right from Canada and the USA, Mexico and parts of South America, through the majority of Europe from Spain to Norway to Greece, China and the Indian sub-continent, all the way to Australia and New Zealand.

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We have been very lucky to partner up with many different businesses and organisations to further our mission and goals. We have been able to support, work with and actively get involved in projects with businesses all over the world which has been amazing. Furthermore, via our corporate partnership with international businesses and charities, we have produced bespoke branded bottles which have been used by our partners’ members and customers all over the world.

Water-to-Go currently works in partnership with hundreds of travel related businesses globally aiming to reduce their plastic footprint across a broad spectrum of industry sectors such as travel, charity, health and fitness and many others. Matched with improving their sustainability credentials, Water-to-Go has ensured that our clients and their customers are kept safe and travel responsibly without the need for single-use plastic.

We partner with organisations and people that facilitate impactful efforts focused on improving our environment and our community. As a result, we have raised thousands of pounds through bottle sales and partnerships to fund grassroots projects across the world that provide help to those who need it most. Along with this, Water-to-Go actively gets involved with and promotes initiatives that help to improve the health and wellbeing of the public.

We work together with organisations that share our aims and goals and together we can change the world, one bottle, one person at a time.

Learn more about our partnerships here

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Product Development

Following the first Crowdcube raise at the end of 2014, the company launched a new product line: the 50cl GO! Bottle which was aimed at everyday use such as commuters, gym users, sports people and anyone concerned about their health.

Over the years, we have been listening to customer feedback and have been constantly developing the product in order to improve the user experience.

In 2019, Water-to-Go developed a new and hygienic click lid for the bottles. The new and improves features of the lid included:

  • A larger spout for an improved flow rate of over 20%
  • A protective, sealable cover for the spout
  • A new breather valve to allow for a good flow rate
  • A new breather plug for a hygienic, improved seal
The new lid also marked the arrival of a whole new product; the Active Bottle. This innovative addition to our product range has proved incredibly popular with our current customers and to the cycling market in particular. The bottle itself is made from a new squeezable material which is semi-transparent and features embossed volume markers meaning you’ll never run out of the water by surprise again. The Water-to-Go Active bottle is a completely new product that addresses a gap in the market, and as far as we are aware, this is the first filter bottle specifically designed for cyclists.


Water-to-Go has been featured on many industry-leading platforms, in many articles online and in print, and have also exhibited at some of the largest travel shows and events in Europe. This has helped us to build a reputation as an internationally recognised business with an innovative product that has been tried and tested all over the world. Through this, we have been able to meet and work with some incredible people, partner up with world-renowned businesses and charities, and further our cause to make a difference.

We are also proud to work with some fantastic ambassadors who have all used their Water-to-Go bottles wherever their adventures take them and together, are helping us to change the world, one bottle at a time. This includes the adventurer and extreme athlete, Ash Dykes, who we have supported on 3 world-first expeditions across the world.

We are now working with leading travel operators such as ExploreWild FrontiersRiviera Travel and Kuoni; the latter of which has included our partnership on their Worldwide Travel Report for 2020 featuring the latest trends and developments that influence how we travel. We are now also working with various tourism boards such as from Belize, Tourism Associations such as LATA and AITO, as well as travel counsellors and Destination Management Companies.

In January 2020, we exhibited at several leading travel shows in the UK and Europe where we had our best year to date. The Water-to-Go products continue to fulfill the demand for consumers who are travelling to places where the tap water may be unsafe to drink, but there has been a growing demand from travel and tourism companies who are striving to improve their sustainability policy. We also partnered with Just a Drop at the 2019 World Travel Market to produce a joint-branded filter bottle with their sponsor, South African Airways, that were bought by many visitors and exhibitors at the show. Partnerships such as this only aids our reputation and influence around the world as a universal product.

Read more success stories and features on our press page

What’s next?

Despite the current situation we all find ourselves in, Water-to-Go has no intention of slowing down and are continuing to trade as normal, and we also have some more exciting plans for the future. As explained throughout this page, we are incredibly proud of the work we have done and everything we have achieved in our first 10 years of business. We are, of course, very grateful for the support we have had and it is gratifying to hear of the people we have helped and the difference we have made.

Ever since we started in 2010, Water-to-Go bottles have been used all over the world by all sorts of people including travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, backpackers and adventurers to ensure they stay hydrated and single-use plastic free wherever they are. Have a look at our customer testimonials to hear how Water-to-Go gave them peace of mind.

One of our key goals is to support the work of charities and their efforts in supporting the underprivileged. Since we started in 2010, we have supported many different initiatives and worthwhile causes to further our mission and goals. Every person in the world needs clean contamination free water to survive. At Water-to-Go, we want to give the World safe clean water that they can afford. In the Western world, we take clean water and sanitation for granted but for many others across the world, that fundamental right is just a dream. We want to make a difference and are working with various charities and organisations, as we continue to expand, to try to make that dream a reality.

Ultimately, our mission is to become a commercially sustainable business so that we can get the product to those who need it the most.


Check out our filter bottles here – we have some special offers on all our bottles to celebrate 10 years as a business. To learn more, click here

Our Filter Technology Eliminates Up To 99.9999%* Of Water Contaminants Including:

  • Deadly Viruses & Bacteria

  • Life-Threatening Water-borne Parasites

  • Poisonous Metals & Chemicals

Examples include: Cholera, Polio , E.coli, Hepatitis A , Cryptosporidium ,Tapeworm, Giardia , Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead and Mercury

*Based on BSC Laboratories report

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