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A Business Traveller’s Quick Guide to Hydration

Long-term fan of Water to Go, Christopher Babayode, has written this very interesting article about the need to hydrate when travelling for business.
Here’s a snippet of the full article at the link below

If there is a single convincing argument to get business travellers to consume more water when flying it exists in this equation.

E=H2O, Energy equals Water

This isn’t a random made-up equation but the findings of Dr Gerald Pollack a biomedical research scientist at the University of Washington. Dr Pollack coined the phrase Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, otherwise described as the 4th phase of water. The genius of his discovery is that EZ water has the potential to produce energy when exposed to light, furthermore EZ water is in your cells so staying hydrated can be a route to more energy.

We know business travel is energy-sapping at the best of times. The aircraft cabin plays a role in making the journey harder on our bodies because of its dehydrating nature. Therefore knowing how to hydrate properly for business travel, performance and general health would be a useful tool to have.

In case you are minded to dismiss hydration as a nice to have, let’s not forget this year‘s World Cup Qatar 2022 is being held in the off-season due to the heat of Qatar being recognised as debilitating to good performance.

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