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Jordan Wylie

Water-to-Go Teams Up With Jordan Wylie

We are delighted to announce that former soldier, best selling author and extreme adventurer Jordan Wylie has joined us as an ambassador for 2019. It is a privilege to be working with someone of Jordan’s calibre and influence so we are excited for what the future holds. Described by Sir Ranulph Fiennes as “a determined, fearless adventurer and an inspiring man”, it is clear that he has had a life packed full of travel, adventure and personal challenges to get him to the top of his game.

Water-to-Go has been an important part of his expeditions and is essential kit for wherever he goes. No matter where he is in the world, Jordan has the security in knowing that our unique filter will eliminate any harmful contaminants providing him with safe, clean drinking water.


Water-to-Go has developed a filtration system that eliminates over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals from any non-salt water source. As an extreme adventurer, I often find myself in environments that are remote and complex and I rely on nature as my main source of rehydration.

Jordan Wylie

It is fantastic to hear that Jordan has been using Water-to-Go to keep him safe and hydrated on his adventures over the years and is now joining us on our journey.

The Water-to-Go filtration bottle is a must have for any adventurer or traveller that often finds themselves exploring off the beaten track. I am delighted to be working with Water-to-Go and to be able to drink water where you are certain of the quality by filtering it yourself, help reduce plastic waste and have a better impact on the environment is fundamental to long term sustainability on this planet.

Jordan Wylie

Jordan now uses his extensive network of contacts and wealth of experience to help educate, inspire and motivate others worldwide. Jordan is a regular in the worlds media having featured on HBO America, Discovery Channel, Vice, BBC, Sky News, in the Wall Street Journal and The Times newspaper. Jordan is also one of the stars of Channel 4’s Hunted and Celebrity Hunted.

Running Dangerously: The Polar Edition

Jordan has a huge passion and spirit for adventure, as highlighted by his incredible achievements throughout his career that has pushed the boundaries of what is humanly possible and caught the attention of those following his journey.

In 2020 Jordan Wylie will be ‘Running Dangerously‘ once again for charity, this time in the polar regions. He is currently running marathons in the 10 coldest places on the planet including in Siberia, Alaska, the North Pole, Mongolia and Greenland to name a few. This set of challenges will test him to the limit once again, physically and mentally, in a similar way to that of his other epic expeditions.

Previous to this, Jordan completed an expedition called ‘Running Dangerously’ which saw him run through 3 of the most dangerous countries in the world for charity. Not only was this a physical test against heat and exhaustion, but this was also a huge logistical test to ensure safe and secure access into these countries. In 2019, he became the first person to row the world’s most dangerous strait of water, completely solo and unsupported, in an expedition titled, ‘Rowing Dangerously’. Once again, this was a test of Jordan’s physical and logistical skills to overcome the danger surrounded by political tensions, and not to mention the fact that he hadn’t rowed before that expedition! He has completed all these challenges whilst using his trusted Water-to-Go bottle to keep him healthy and hydrated.

The mission behind these amazing challenges is to inspire but also to raise awareness and funds for those less fortunate around the world. He uses his passion for adventure for good and has set out to help children in particular, in order that they can live a better life.

Jordan hopes to raise £250,000 to build a new school in Djibouti for Somali and Yemen child refuges so they can continue education. His mission in 2020 is to finish building the school on the Horn of Africa for these children, and aims to continue to inspire hope through education and adventure around the world.

Jordan raised over £100,000 for charitable and good causes in 2018 and added to that total after rowing across the Bab-El-Mandeb Straits in 2019. If you would like to support Jordan on his challenge and donate towards these fantastic causes, please visit his charity page.

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