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One of our key goals is to support the work of charities and their efforts in supporting the underprivileged

This can be on support for colleagues who travel abroad and need clean water to allow them to carry out their duties and mission, to supporting fundraising with donations and prizes, to drawing attention to good deeds by featuring them on our social media platforms.

We have appointed a Charity Team to focus our efforts and to seek out and select suitable projects. Chaired and managed by investors in the business, the Charity Team would be happy to receive contact and assess suggestions by sending an e-mail to info@watertogo.eu.

We are currently working on 2 new charity projects to raise money for and awareness of 2 very different but current issues facing the world at the moment, malaria and the illegal wildlife trade. Click on the links to learn more and find out how to get involved.

To date, we have supported smaller organisations and charities right up to supplying Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) with Water to-Go products for their emergency packs and fundraising in Benelux. We are now developing relationships with other influential conservation charities and organisations to help raise awareness and tackle plastic pollution.

Hunger Project 2017

Water-to-Go are currently working with The Hunger Project – a global NGO who are committed to the sustainable end of world hunger and poverty by 2030. One of the main aspects of their work is to ensure the communities have access to safe, clean water in order to improve health, sanitation and hygiene. To help raise funds, Water-to-Go produced a limited edition Hunger Project branded bottle that was sold via our distributors across the world. So far, we have managed to raise $16,500 USD to The Hunger Project and we are now looking to enter new markets with them, beginning with Germany.

Just a Drop 2018

Just a Drop is a charity that seeks to provide sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities across the world, transforming lives. Their sustainable projects provide support to communities, such as through the construction of hand-dug and drilled wells, as well as hygiene and sanitation programmes. They have reached over 1.5 million people in 32 countries since we began in 1998. Just a Drop and Water-to-Go share the common goals of water for all. Water-to-Go has produced a limited edition 50cl Just a Drop bottle. This is available to purchase on our website at £16.99 and from every sale, Water-to-Go is donating £5.00 to Just a Drop and their safe water projects.

MSF 2017

Médecins Sans Frontières has helped tens of millions of people in disaster areas since 1971. The 13 founders have grown to over 36,000 staff on the frontline of emergency medical aid. Water-to-Go has long been a supporter of MSF, and has supplied Water-to-Go filtration bottles via their Barcelona logistics operation, and are proud to extend the association. Water-to-Go have manufactured a limited edition MSF branded bottle that is featured on the website. From each sale, a percentage goes directly into the projects on the ground.

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