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Water-to-Go is a filtration system that eliminates over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals from any non-salt water source.

Explorers Connect believe adventure is a necessity of the human spirit. In 2008, explorer and campaign, Belinda Kirk, established Explorers Connect to make adventure accessible to all. Over nearly 10 years, Explorers Connect has encouraged over 30,000 ordinary people to discover a world of outdoor challenges. In short, they want to enable a generation to reconnect with adventure. In addition to this, they have supported 2000 international expeditions, run events and raised £68,000 for conservation charities.

Explorers Connect are also conscious about the effect we have on the planet and therefore encourage sustainable business practices and responsible travel within their community. By encouraging their clients to buy a Water-to-Go bottle (using the code below), they authenticate these principles as they hope to reduce plastic waste and do their bit for the environment.



Explorers Connect

On this 11-day breathtaking trek to Everest Base Camp, you'll follow in the footsteps of climbing legends, including Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. You'll have time to enjoy the friendly local Nepalese culture and hospitality as you make your way across the mountains on this well-known route - exploring remote villages, getting up close to beautiful monasteries, seeing strings of colourful prayer flags and crossing thrilling suspension bridges.
Get stuck into a real adventure this summer - in just three days experience the best cycling routes and off-road spots in the Peak District and buckle down for two nights camping in the wilderness! If you're already familiar with bikepacking you'll know how fun it is to strap the essentials to your bike and get out exploring! If you haven't been before, bikepacking is about making the most of your adventure time and being as self-sufficient as possible - seeing more off the beaten track, with just your bike and basic gear for a few days and nights out in the wild.
See the sunrise from the rooftop of Africa as you ascend one of the most famous mountains in the world during this stunning 10-day expedition. Take an unforgettable trek through jungle, forests, moorland, rocky lunar landscapes and summit on an ice cap - don't miss this holiday of a lifetime! As one of the "Seven Summits", Kilimanjaro is world-famous as the highest mountain (and dormant volcano) in Africa, standing at a hefty 5,895 metres above sea level on the border of Kenya and Tanzania.
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