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Filter Facts

Water-to-Go filters come in two sizes; the 75cl filter which filters 200 litres of water lasting 3 months, or the 50cl filter lasting 130 litres and 2 months. Each delivers the same filtration results, having been tested extensively in the USA, UK, India and China.

We have tested the filters and the list of contaminants that Water-to-Go will catch and eliminate is a long one. Water-to-Go filters reduce the volume of harmful contaminants in water by up to 99.9999%. Simply put, they work!

Here is a selection of the contaminants we have tested for:

  • Metals & Chemicals such as Chlorine, Fluoride and Lead
  • Bacteria and Viruses such as Hepatitis A, E.Coli, Cholera, and Polio
  • Parasites and waterborne pathogens including Tapeworm, Cryptosporidium, Threadworm and Giardia lamblia
  • Microplastics

See a more in-depth list below

One Purpose.

To give you clean safe drinking water, anywhere.

Viruses and bacteria

  • Norwalk
  • Hepatitis A
  • Tota Virus
  • Adenoviruses
  • Enteroviruses
  • Reoviruses
  • Coliform, E.Coli, Cholera, Typhus
  • Dysentery, Botulism, Polio, Virus Botulism
  • Vibrio Disease, Campylobacteriosis
  • Leptospirosis – Weil’s Disease
  • Legionella (Legionnaires Disease and Pontiac Fever)

Parasites and waterborne pathogens

  • Fasciolopsiasis Taeniasis – Tapeworm
  • Echinococcosis Ascariasis
  • Coenorosis Schistosomiasis
  • Cryptosporidium Tryonosoma (Sleeping Sickness)
  • Threadworm Guinea Worm
  • Hookworm Roundworm
  • Pinworm Onchiocerca
  • Fasciola Hepatica/Liver fluke(Most recognisable and common problems)

Metals and Chemicals

  • Chlorine, Fluoride
  • Mercury, Nickel, Copper, Iron
  • Lead, Gold, Silver
  • Aluminium
  • Volatile Organic Compounds including Formaldehyde*

*  Our filters have eliminated over 90% of naturally occurring Arsenic 3 and Arsenic 5, a major result for a non-industrial filter

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