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Water-to-Go is a filtration system that eliminates over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals from any non-salt water source.

Going Solo Adventures aim to be a community for those who have a spark for adventure and are looking to be inspired by one another. They encourage others to share their own expeditions alongside their own to help expand into a thriving community and hub for those who are involved in the adventure world. Paul Everitt, the founder of Going Solo, is no stranger to the alluring world of travel and adventure. Back in 2006 while on a snowboarding holiday in the French Alps Paul became inspired by the lifestyles of some backpackers he met while chatting over a beer. When he is not interviewing other adventurous people and sharing their stories you will find him taking on his own adventurous challenges. Since 2010 he has given himself a new and adventurous challenge every year from cycling through Europe and across North America on a homemade bikecar and then down the Mississippi River on a timber raft. They do their best to travel light and smart, and something that has made their most recent journeys manageable is a Water-to-Go bottle.

Going Solo Adventures are aware of the effect we have on the environment particularly when travelling. By encouraging their followers to purchase a Water-to-Go bottle (using the code below), they hope to reduce plastic pollution and do their bit for the environment.

Going Solo Adventures

This is a must have bit of kit when on a hike, while paddling, long distance cycling, and basically anything outdoors related. It will even improve the taste of the water that flows through the taps of Grimsby. The Water-to-Go bottle will save you money, time, space, and your life when it comes down to situations when potable water isn’t within your reach.
The unique filters are made up of 3 different technologies that eliminate in excess of 99.9% of microbiological contaminants from any non-salt water source. This includes viruses, bacteria, chlorine and fluoride from tap water, chemicals and heavy metals such as lead; leaving you with safe, clean water anywhere, anytime.
Water-to-Go have 2 different sizes of bottles available - 50cl GO! bottles and 75cl bottles. The main difference being the 50cl GO! bottles are clear and smaller than the 75cl bottles. In addition, the 75cl filters last for 200 litres (about 3 months) whereas the 50cl filters last for 130 litres (about 2 months).
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One Purpose.

To give you clean safe drinking water, anywhere.

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