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Water-to-Go is Halal certified by the Halal Trust

Water-to-Go is delighted to be Halal certified by The Halal Trust. This certification confirms that the ingredients and processes used in the manufacture of Water-to-Go products are in full compliance with Halal standards. Halal certification also ensures integrity and an ethical way of doing business by eluding harm to the environment.

Our products have been certified by the Halal Trust since 2019 and our status has just been enhanced to cover new products, including our 60cl Active bottles.

Water-to-Go set out to be a universal product that could be used and welcomed by everyone so our Halal certification has only furthered our vision to give the World access to safe, clean water. According to the Halal Trust, Muslims constitute 1.6 billion people or 23% of the World’s population so we felt it was important to get this certification for our products to be as universally accepted and available as possible.

The halal market is one of the most valuable and fastest growing in the World.  The Halal Trust is committed to working in partnership with manufacturers who wish to diversify into this lucrative market by certifying and promoting their halal products and services. Halal has become a lifestyle choice built upon an ecosystem of consumables and services from diverse industries including food, beverage, travel, tourism, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to name a few.  This growth is being fuelled predominantly by 18 to 34 year old halal consumers who want to adopt a modern lifestyle in keeping with their spiritual values.

The Halal Trust

Our products have undergone a strict examination process which has confirmed that we do not use any animal products or by-products in any way.

As far as we are aware, this would make Water-to-Go the first Halal-certified filter water bottle.

You can see the certification here


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