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Instructions for Use

Important instructions for use

Water-to-Go is a water bottle with a unique filter that is made from 3 different technologies that combine to eliminate up to 99.9999% of microbiological contaminants from any non-salt water source in the world providing clean, safe water. This revolutionary process will make every drop of water safe and refreshing. Make sure you read our important instructions for use outlining how to activate your filter and what to be aware of before you start using your Water-to-Go bottle.

Activating the filter

You must activate your filter before using it but this very simple to do.

The filter must be wet thoroughly to activate the technology; drinking before the filter is fully wet can lead to unfiltered water passing through the membrane. We suggest the first time you use a new filter to fill the bottle up and turn it upside down, submerging the filter for a minimum of 15 minutes.

After soaking, open the spout and squeeze the bottle gently, releasing the water, and thereby ‘flushing’ the filter. Some granules of carbon may be visible; if this is the case, simply continue to flush the filter until the water runs clear. Please note that the carbon granules are not harmful. Once you have done this, your filter will be activated and you will be ready to go.

If the filter has stood for several days and become completely dry, reactivate using the same method.

Activating the timestrip

If you have a 50cl bottle, there is a timestrip in your packaging (as explained at 0:51 in the video) which will give you a visual reminder as to when you may need to change your filter. Replace the fake timestrip under the band with the real timestrip and push the red button when you start using the bottle. The red dye will run along the white strip over 8 weeks and will show you when to change your filter.

Recycle the filters when you are finished

When you come to change your filter (after 200 litres for 75cl filters, and after 130 litres for 50cl filters) it is possible to recycle them. Water-to-Go filters are 100% recyclable so you can dispose of them sustainably. The casing and end caps can go in the plastic recycling and the grey membrane can go on a compost heap and biodegrade.

This video explains this in more detail.

How the filter works

Our filters incorporate 3 different technologies that combine to eliminate well over 99.9% of microbiological contaminants from any non-saltwater source in the world providing clean, safe drinking water wherever and whenever you need it.

This means you can use Water-to-Go to stay healthy and hydrated anywhere in the world, by filling from any tap and other questionable sources and access safe drinking water straight away without needing to purchase single-use plastic bottles.

Here are some important points to bear in mind when using your Water-to-Go bottle:

  • Change the filter after 200 litres or 3 months of everyday use for the 75cls size; and 130 litres or approximately 2 months for the 50cl GO! bottle filters.
  • Ensure the lid and filter are properly tightened to ensure a good seal but do not over-tighten.
  • Do not let contaminated water come into contact with the outer lid or spout. No matter how good Water-to-Go filters are, they can only filter what is inside the bottle.
  • Our bottles deliver a drinking rate of 10-12 mls per second; a good guzzle rate! The filter controls the flow rate. Do not squeeze the bottle hard, as this can create high pressure behind the filter and, in extreme cases, can pressurise the lid forcing a gap between the bottle and lid, and possibly allowing water to bypass the filter.
  • We recommend you clean your lid and spout regularly (handwash only).
  • PLEASE NOTE; the 50cl GO! bottles are NOT dishwasher safe, unlike the 75cl. Always clean lid and spout by hand.

Our Filter Technology Eliminates Up To 99.9999%* Of Water Contaminants Including:

  • Deadly Viruses & Bacteria

  • Life-Threatening Water-borne Parasites

  • Poisonous Metals & Chemicals

Examples include: Cholera, Polio , E.coli, Hepatitis A , Cryptosporidium ,Tapeworm, Giardia , Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead and Mercury

*Based on BSC Laboratories report

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About Water-to-Go and our mission

Water-to-Go provides a solution to two of the biggest problems in the world: access to clean, safe drinking water and the pollution caused by single-use plastics.

We are striving to make a difference and ultimately want to give the World safe clean water that they can afford. Our filter bottles complete with a new cutting-edge technology filtration system make Water-to-Go perfect for all outdoor pursuits and travel as all microbiological contaminants are filtered with up to 99.9999% efficiency. Realising that here was a technology that could provide clean healthy water almost anywhere and which could also reduce the environmental damage being done was the motivation to establish the Water-to-Go brand and business.

Very simply, our mission is to protect:

  • Protect our customers’ health and well-being by offering safe, healthy water anywhere in the world
  • Protect our planet by offering an environmentally friendly reusable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles
  • Protect our customers’ finances by delivering clean water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water

Use Water-to-Go products and you’ll be healthier, wealthier and helping to make the World a better place!

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