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Nature is for everyone to enjoy — Linzi Lee-Skelton

Guest blog post from Linzi Lee-Skelton

Growing up in Cumbria, my favourite walks are always anywhere in the Lake District; I somehow gravitate naturally towards the Buttermere area in the lakes where the views are just breathtaking. My adventures vary from a small bimble round a lakeside to scrambling up sharp mountain ridges, camping out under the stars, and being free for a moment. I feel very grateful to call this little slice of the world home.

Since I was young I’ve always grown up exploring the outdoors. I think my keen interest in hiking came from my Nana who has completed plenty of the Wainwright’s, been caving in her 50s, travelled many countries, and even walked 100 miles in aid of her chosen cancer charity that helped her in her cancer recover. A strong independent women who highly inspires me in my life and encourages me to explore and live life to the full.

I’ve been using my Water-to-Go water bottle in most of my adventures since discovering it – you just can’t beat the convenience of being able to fill it up by a stream when the water bottle is running low. As long as I know there’s a water source, I know I’m in for a stress free hydrated day of hiking with my Water-to-Go filter bottle, it’s definitely become one of my most used pieces of kit while on my adventures.


Having a job as a post lady that supports my outdoor lifestyle and provides me with a great amount of time off and flexibility to be able to adventure often is another aspect I’m incredibly grateful for too. I’ve been a postie for nearly 5 years now, and ever since starting my job I’ve never looked back, being such an outdoorsy person I don’t think I could ever have an indoor job again, It clears my mind and keeps me fit and healthy walking 12 miles a day, I love seeing and hearing all the wildlife around me especially when I’m up and out early doors when no one is awake yet. I finish mid afternoon and still have the day to myself to enjoy some relaxing time paddle boarding in the evening.

I’m planning to embark on one of my biggest challenges yet, this August. I will be completing a solo 73-mile hike through the heart of Cumbria in just 3 days. Carrying only the food, water and clothes I’ll need on my back, with 2 hostel stays to sleep the night and with one of the longest days being a 30-mile hike; I know this is going to be the toughest thing I’ve probably ever done, but I am so ready for the mental and physical aspects of this challenge.

Struggling with anxiety, stress and depression most my life; its too easy to let things hold me back, which is why I want to do this challenge for myself and by myself.


Humans may be fragile but we are so much more resilient than we realise too, I feel like completing this challenge will give me a real liberating sense of achievement to have just rode it out by myself for a while with nothing but my own thoughts and initiative. I’ve been knocked back a lot in my life so this for me is my chance to feel in control again and do it solely for my personal journey – to rekindle a healthier relationship within myself again.


In nature I seem to have been able to discover a bit of a rhythm; it’s where I’m most at home and happy. More than ever before, this pandemic has shown the importance the fells are to me and how getting outside can just really boost your spirits, bring you back level-headed and grounded. The fells bring a lot of good feelings my way; sometimes nostalgia, but often euphoria, contentment and gratitude. I’ve learned a lot about myself through exploring nature already and I feel inspired daily to never stop doing what I love most, which is adventuring, creating memories and living the best life I can for myself and my loved ones around me.

I always want to show amongst my page that if I can do it, you 100% can too, adventure is out there and nature is for everyone to enjoy.


To keep up with all of Linzi’s adventures and to get more adventure inspiration, check out Linzi’s social media channel.

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