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NHS Staff Discount

Thank you NHS Staff and Social Care teams

If the heroes of the NHS and Social care were in any doubt as to how much the public valued their courage and dedication – let there be no doubt now #careforourcarers.

Our job as citizens is simple – Stay Home and in so doing protect the NHS.

Over the last decade, it has been our privilege to help protect Medical staff by giving them access to safe drinking water as they helped others around the world. One of those amazing people is Water-to-Go customer Sara Bröring, a Cardiac Physiologist currently at the COVID-19 front-line in Portugal having also worked in the NHS for the last 5 years. We asked Sara if she could record a short video of her tips to help other frontline staff stay safe in these challenging times. Here it is ➡️

NHS Discount

30% Discount for NHS staff and other keyworkers

Now we want to help protect the NHS staff closer to home by offering them the same unique 3-in-1 filter water bottle that Sara has been using for years now – at a 30% discount.

We’d love to give you a free bottle each, however, at the last count, there were 1.5 million staff in the NHS! However, when you’re next able to travel and volunteer your services outside the UK -just drop us an email and we’ll help out as we have done in the past.

To redeem your 30% discount, simply use the code NHS30 at the checkout. This code works on all our filter water bottles – the original 50cl and 75cl bottles that are available in a range of colours (few of the range of colours below) and our new Active 75cl bottle – same great filter- this squeezable bottle means faster water delivery for a bigger glug of water when you need it.

Use code: NHS30

Stay Safe during Daily Exercise

Having to Stay indoors all day seems to have sparked a keen interest in one of the government’s exceptions to Stay HomeDaily exercise.
Maintaining proper hydration is important to anyone exercising as you know. It also, as Sara mentions in her video, has the benefits of keeping your immunity up to stave off normal infections. So you’ll need to stock up on lots of portable drinking water.

Use Portable filtration

This is where our reusable, BPA free filter water bottles come into their own.

All our bottles contain our own unique 3-in-1 filtration technology that Eliminates up to 99.9999% of Water Contaminants providing clean safe drinking water from any non-salt water source. So you can fill the bottle up from any tap, stream or pond, then screw back on the lid with the filter attached and drink away – filtration is instant as you drink the water through the filter.

The bottle complete with filter lasts for up to 200 litres of Filtered hydration and we can deliver them to your doorstep, so no need to go shopping at the end of a tough day. And at just pence rather than pounds per litre it will save you some money too!

Our Filter Technology Eliminates Up To 99.9999%* Of Water Contaminants Including:

  • Deadly Viruses & Bacteria

  • Life-Threatening Water-borne Parasites

  • Poisonous Metals & Chemicals

Examples include: Cholera, Polio , E.coli, Hepatitis A , Cryptosporidium ,Tapeworm, Giardia , Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead and Mercury

*Based on BSC Laboratories report

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Keeping customers safe since 2010

It can be tough having to stay at home for the amount of time we are going to having to. However, it’s important not to lose sight of why we are doing this, helping protect our NHS from being overwhelmed and more than anything we need to help protect the most vulnerable within our society.

At Water-to-Go we have been protecting our customers for 10 years, keeping them safe from dangerous and at times potentially life-threatening situations.

On one occasion the Russell-Smiths (a family of 4 including two young children) were caught in the devastating 2018 Lombok Earthquake. They were stranded on the island in 30ºC heat with no immediate access to safe drinking water.

Luckily they were equipped with their Water-to-Go Filter bottles so they were able to protect themselves from potentially life-threatening illness by drinking available- but potentially unsafe water -through our 3-In-1 filter giving the family access to their own SAFE source of drinking water during the natural disaster. We were able to catch up with the Russell-Smith at the 2019 Destinations show where they told us of their incredible story and how their bottles were ‘literally lifesavers’. Check out the Russel-Smith’s full story here.


Supporting Good Causes Since 2010

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