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Water-to-Go Offers

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Go Bundle offer

Stay Safe >Save Money >Stop SUP Pollution

Now we can start to travel again let’s start as we mean to go on.🙏

Stay healthy and reduce Single-Use Plastic pollution by choosing a Water-to-Go water bottle with its unique 3-in-1 filter technology that eliminates up to 99.9999% of all Bacteria, Viruses, Chlorine, Fluoride and Heavy Metals leaving you with safe, healthy water.💦

  • Filter lasts for 130 Litres
  • 65 days use at 2L/day
  • Replaces 260 single-use plastic water bottles

Offer  ➡️  Any 50cl bottle + 50cl Filter = £20.00


Family Bundle

Bottles for the Whole Family

Now that travel bans have been lifted or at least relaxed, maybe your family is planning to travel abroad this year? Tap water -even in Europe with a few exceptions- isn’t great to drink and unused accommodation can mean water storage problems like Legionella. So if want to keep the family super safe and single-use plastic-free this deal is perfect for you, get two 75cl bottles and two 50cl bottles (minimum) and use the code ‘FAM25’* at the checkout for 25% off your order. Save yourself over £20 and help protect the whole family from waterborne illnesses (including Legionella) on their travels.

Offer ➡️ Two 50cl bottles ➕ Two 75cl bottles ➕ Use Code = 25% Off

Use Code:FAM25

* this 25% discount applies to any combination of bottles and filters over a basket value of £85 when using the code FAM25 at checkout.

Two practical sizes - One Purpose.

Making Dirty Water Drinkable

Sustainable Offer

Want to be more Sustainable?

Avoid single-use plastic bottles when you’re travelling and donate to a good cause with our sustainability offer. Just one Water-to-Go filter can replace up to 400 single-use plastic water bottles, meaning you’ll never be forced to buy environmentally disastrous single-use plastic water bottles. Use code ‘SUSTAIN10’ for a 10% discount on all standard bottle and filters, plus with your purchase Water-to-Go will donate a further 10% to our wonderful charity partners. To find out more about our charity partners click here.

Use Code: SUSTAIN10

Our Filter Technology Eliminates Up To 99.9999%* Of Water Contaminants Including:

  • Deadly Viruses & Bacteria

  • Life-Threatening Water-borne Parasites

  • Poisonous Metals & Chemicals

Examples include: Cholera, Polio , E.coli, Hepatitis A , Cryptosporidium ,Tapeworm, Giardia , Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead and Mercury

*Based on BSC Laboratories report

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