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Water-to-Go is a filtration system that eliminates over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals from any non-salt water source.

Eternal Landscapes are a tour operator that give you a real experience of Mongolia. The ‘eternal landscapes’ of Mongolia and the broader context within which Mongolians live their lives runs deep through everything they do. Eternal Landscapes is about the vastness of the land of Mongolia and the way the local people make their lives within that immensity. It’s about travelling through Mongolia’s landscapes as a visitor and starting to understand how the landscapes have helped to form the Mongolian personality – the sturdy individualism, hardiness, endurance, self-sufficiency, tolerance and the spirit of freedom.

Responsible travel is a guiding principle that underpins everything at Eternal Landscapes. They are very conscious of the effect that we have on the environment especially when we are travelling. By encouraging their clients to buy a Water-to-Go bottle, they authenticate these principles as they hope to reduce plastic waste and do their bit for the environment.

From each purchase using the discount code below, Water-to-Go will donate 15% towards the Mongolian well-project run by CAMDA (Cambridge Mongolia Development Appeal). This NGO directly supports Mongolia’s herders. Funds are not spent on cash handouts but on essential resources required by the herders.

Eternal Landscapes

Khovsgol Nuur is the centrepiece of Khovsgol Nuur National Park in northern Mongolia. The sacred lake, known as Dalai Ej - Mother Sea to Mongolians, holds up to 70% of Mongolia’s fresh water. It is also surrounded by permafrost and this permafrost influences the lake’s temperature – which after the spring melt is a uniform 2.5-3 ᵒc. The water is clean, and ... refreshing. If the sky is clear, you can stand on the shoreline and see the snowcapped Sayan Mountains - the border with Siberia.
The Khangai Mountains dominate central Mongolia and are one of Mongolia’s three main mountain ranges - stretching for over 600km. They are also home to a diverse range of landscapes and therefore a diversity of people and their different ways of life. This is not about ‘must see sights’ or the highlights of Mongolia. Instead, you slow down and get to explore rural communities throughout the Khangai - spending time with people and learning about their daily lives and the challenges they face.
Explore, discover and understand the variety and diversity of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert as well as meet some of the people that make their home in these remarkable landscapes. The Gobi principally spans six of Mongolia’s aimags (provinces) and our Gobi Insight trips take in three of them - East (Dorgobi), Middle (Dudgobi) and Southern (Omnogobi). Mongolians say they have at least 33 different types of desert - with the types frequently varying depending on water supply, minerals and location. For certain it is huge open expanse of extremes.
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