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Water-to-Go is a filtration system that eliminates over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals from any non-salt water source.

InFocus believe in the importance of using visual communication to share important stories about environmental sustainability to create global change. The environment is vital to our existence on this planet yet we destroy the rainforests, contaminate the seas, pollute the atmosphere and kill animals in the name of progress. It is also predicted that there will be up to 150 million climate refugees by 2050 (EJF) thus showing the importance of creating drastic change on an international scale. Working in countries such as Saudi Arabia, India and the Tuvalu Islands, they will be collaborating with organisations and companies to create content surrounding issues of climate change. They have a dedicated team of professional documentary photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers and illustrators who share content regarding the importance of sustainability through corporations and lifestyle choices.

InFocus is also conscious about the effect that we have on the planet particularly when travelling. By encouraging their clients to buy a Water-to-Go bottle (using the code below), they hope to reduce plastic waste and do their bit for the environment.


Water-to-Go have 2 different sizes of bottles available - 50cl GO! bottles and 75cl bottles. The main difference being the 50cl GO! bottles are clear and smaller than the 75cl bottles. In addition, the 75cl filters last for 200 litres (about 3 months) whereas the 50cl filters last for 130 litres (about 2 months).
The unique filters are made up of 3 different technologies that eliminate in excess of 99.9% of microbiological contaminants from any non-salt water source. This includes viruses, bacteria, chlorine and fluoride from tap water, chemicals and heavy metals such as lead; leaving you with safe, clean water anywhere, anytime.
Water-to-Go is a sustainable solution to plastic pollution and the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bottles. 1 75cl filter is the equivalent of 400 single-use plastic bottles.
How to redeem your 15% discount Enter this code at Checkout Water-to-Go will donate a further 15% to InFocus

One Purpose.

To give you clean safe drinking water, anywhere.

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