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Lost Earth Adventures is a responsible tourism company that provides unique, authentic tours all over the world. They strive to get off the beaten path while also showcase the highlights of a destination. If you are seeking authentic experiences, thrilling activities and big adventure; you have come to the right place!

Lost Earth Adventures was founded by Richard and Sarah Goodey. An adventurous husband and wife duo, they’ve never been content with your typical sun, sand and beach holidays. In their years of travelling they have continuously gone in search of experiences that are more rewarding, challenging, inspiring and fun! Lost Earth Adventures was founded on an undisputed passion for discovery and adventure and the desire to share knowledge and experiences with others.

At the core of every trip and destinations that Lost Earth Adventures explores is the ethos of responsible travel and tourism. They understand the impact that tourism can have on the local communities, culture and fragile environments that we are all privileged to visit and explore. Simply put, they endeavour to leave as little impact on the culture, local communities and fragile environments they go to and encourage others to do the same. By encouraging members to purchase a Water-to-Go bottle (using the discount code below) they hope to reduce plastic waste and do their bit for the environment.

Lost Earth Adventures

Relax in an authentic, luxurious resort, deep in the heart of Chitwan’s jungle. We’ll track wild animals on foot, by traditional canoe and also by jeep. If you’re not afraid of things that go bump in the night one of our experienced jungle guides will take you out for a hike by the moonlight. You will take a tour around the UNESCO World Heritage Listed, Chitwan National Park where there are sizeable populations of elephants, tigers, leopards and rare Gangetic dolphins, as well as over 500 species of birds.
On this classic trek into the Solu Khumbu and Sherpa heartland, you’ll ascend the route to the iconic Everest Base Camp. As well as offering trekkers one of the most impressive panoramic mountain views in the world, it is also famous for being the starting point for some of the most influential climbing expeditions. Steeped in rich mountaineering history, it’s a fantastic place to really appreciate the magnitude of what early mountaineers achieved in their hobnailed boots and woollen socks!
Lost Earth Adventures provides rock climbing, caving, gorge walking, canyoning, abseiling, mountain biking and guided hikes and challenges in the mountainous areas of the UK, as well as pre-departure meets before our overseas expeditions. All of our courses are run by one of our hand picked, highly experienced guides. They are chosen not only for their expertise but also for their attentive, outgoing and fun loving attitudes. Most importantly the activities they instruct are not only their livelihood, but their life, this is what they live for.
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