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Water-to-Go is a filtration system that eliminates up to 99.9999% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals from any non-salt water source.

Travel The Unknown was founded in 2007 to offer exciting small group and tailormade tours to destinations less readily available from mainstream tour operators. Their focus is on unique cultural experiences and gaining a deeper understanding of the people and their daily lives as well as the cultural, historical and political environment in which they live. With Travel The Unknown, you can discover unspoiled hideaways in some of the most off the beaten track locations on Earth.

Eco-tourism and carbon footprints are areas Travel The Unknown have taken seriously for some time. They are also conscious of the effect we have on the planet, particularly when travelling. By encouraging their members to buy a Water-to-Go bottle (using the code below), they hope to reduce plastic waste and do their bit for the environment.

Travel the Unknown

Experience authentic Peru as you discover breath-taking Andean scenery, Inca complexes and colonial cities on this classic tour. Marvel at the grandiose Spanish architecture of colonial Lima and wander down the narrow streets and passages of Arequipa, the 'White City'. Venture into the mountainous scenery of the Yura district, spotting vicuñas as you journey across the extensive plains of the Pampa Cañahuas Reserve. Look out over the surrounding volcanoes from Patapampa and marvel at the vastness of the Colca Canyon, where graceful condors glide above. Experience the fascinating floating islands of Uros and connect with a local family in a homestay on Lake Titicaca. Enjoy an incredible railway journey through the amazing Peruvian highlands on the Titicaca Train to the charming city of Cusco, browse the handicrafts at lively Pisac market, and immerse yourself in Inca history at the Sacred Valley's archaeological sites. Finally, discover the mystical citadel of Machu Picchu, one of Peru's most awe-inspiring wonders.
Cambodia is a country with a truly remarkable past. From its proud heritage - as evidenced by the incredible scale and elegance of the temples of Angkor – to its horrific experience at the hands of Pol Pot’s regime, Cambodia has learned to absorb all this and move on. Meet Cambodians and marvel at their capacity to look forward with a smile. The temples at Angkor are a truly miraculous feat and the main attraction. But there is plenty more to Cambodia – explore Phnom Penh by traditional cyclos, enjoy the seafront charms of Kampot and Kep, learn to cook some classic Cambodian dishes and explore remote temples in stunning rural settings.
Take a heritage walk through the old streets of Delhi, then proceed to Jaipur to admire the intricacy of its forts and palaces. Track tigers in Ranthambore’s jungles, and visit the exquisite Taj Mahal, brought to life at sunrise. Ride camels to an abandoned fort and visit quaint riverside temples in Chambal. Take a boat down the holy river Ganges in the sacred city of Varanasi. Finally head to the glittering Golden Temple in Amritsar and watch free meals being served to thousands every day. Take a trip to the Wagah border between India and Pakistan, renowned for its extravagant ‘retreat’ ceremony.
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