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Protect your health with Water-to-Go

Following recent studies questioning the quality of the water and the vessels in which we consume the most important substance for our bodies, we thought we would explore these issues and provide the answers you are looking for.

A recent Guardian article highlighted reports around BPA chemicals that leach from plastic commodities, therefore posing questions about the effect this has on our health. Furthermore, there are questions around the quality of the water in our taps compared to bottled water, leaving people wondering what the best solution is.

Single-use plastic bottles may have been the most convenient solution but we all know this is not the most sustainable solution. We all need to make some easy changes in our life to live more sustainably and reduce plastic waste that is contaminating our planet. Water-to-Go provides the perfect solution to this so you can be healthier, wealthier and helping to make the world a better place!

So if you are interested in protecting the health of yourself, the planet and your bank account, keep reading!


What are BPAs?

The Guardian have reported that BPA chemical levels in humans are drastically underestimated according to a study. Analysis uses new method for evaluating exposure to bisphenol-A, which is found in plastics, canned goods and receipt paper. Humans are probably being exposed to far more of a widely used dangerous chemical – found in plastics, canned goods and receipt paper – than previously understood, according to a new study.

BPA disrupts hormones critical to many body functions and is linked with obesity and other diseases. Pregnant women who are exposed to it are more likely to have children who have problems with growth, behavior and fertility, as well as a higher cancer risk.

The Guardian

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical compound found in many single-use water bottles. Medical reports show some of these plastic water bottles ‘leach’ man-made oestrogen (BPA) into its contents when the bottle is exposed to sunlight or temperatures over 60°F or 15°C. These oestrogens can lead to cancer. That means leaving a bottle in your car or outside a shop, in sunlight, starts the process!


The materials we use in all Water-to-Go products are LDPE and PET, specially selected materials that are FDA-approved for food and beverages. It cannot leak or taint the water and has been specifically designed to be BPA-free. This makes our products reusable, refillable and 100% recyclable. This is just one of the many reasons as to why Water-to-Go is a much better alternative to bottled water and why we all need to change our behaviour around plastic.


The myths around bottled water

People have bought bottled water simply because it is marketed as being ‘better’ than tap water making it better for you. This is just not true. The truth is that it is simply water in a bottle. There is no evidence that bottled water is better for you; in fact it may be less safe than tap water. 

Two-thirds of water from the tap comes from surface water (reservoirs, lakes, rivers) and the rest from ground water (underground geological formations that store rainwater). For some reason, we don’t trust tap water because it is free and therefore assume there is something wrong with it. However, researchers found bottled water is subject to far less stringent safety tests than tap water and is much more likely to be contaminated or become a source of infection.


Bottled water certainly has a hefty carbon footprint – with some reports estimating around 82.8g of CO2 for a half-litre bottle – not insignificant when everyone’s drinking it. Furthermore, the manufacture of plastic, as well as its destruction by incineration, pollutes air, land and water and exposes workers to toxic chemicals. The worst problem with bottled water is that the plastic it is made from either does not biodegrade or takes hundreds of years. It just sits and accumulates in landfills or pollutes the environment and the oceans.


Purchasing water in a single-use plastic bottle used to be the only or most convenient option, particularly when traveling. This is now not the case and we know there is a better option — Water-to-Go.

Water-to-Go is the solution

Our filter bottles will provide guaranteed access to safe, healthy drinking water, free of any contaminants or bad tastes, wherever you are. This means you can fill up from a mountain stream when out on a hike, a dodgy tap whilst travelling or a water fountain at the gym without having to worry about the source of the water. Our 3-in-1 technology filters will eliminate up to 99.9999% of all viruses, bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals and microplastics from any non-saltwater source. So you can stay healthy and hydrated without needing single-use plastic bottles.

It is essential that we stay well hydrated wherever we are and whatever we are doing. Our body needs water and it makes up around 70% of us. Water helps the body function, maintaining physical and mental health. Drinking water and staying hydrated is a vital component of any good health and fitness plan. We know how important water is for us and our body so Water-to-Go provides a cost-effective, sustainable and convenient way of staying hydrated anytime, anywhere without needing plastic bottles.


Reducing single-use plastic

Single-use plastic pollution has become a wide spread problem that is also affecting the health of our planet. It is imperative that we all do our bit to reduce plastic waste and change our behaviours to live more sustainably. Many high profile organisations and celebrities are now being called out for using single-use plastic.


This was clear to see just this week as Game of Thrones and Avengers star, Jason Mamoa, called out his friend and Avengers co-star, Chris Pratt, for using a plastic bottle in a recent Instagram campaign.


Water-to-Go bottles deliver pure, clean drinking water at around 5p per litre, a fraction of the cost compared to bottled water.


So not only does Water-to-Go help protect your health and the planet, we can also help to protect your finances as well!


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