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Constant companion in Panama

Darien is the most Eastern province of Panama bordering neighbouring Colombia, this beautiful jungle region is only known to the more adventurous type of tourist who likes to be in direct contact with nature and doesn’t care about walking for 8 to 10 hours daily.

We went by boat from Port Kimba to Garachine and from there we started hiking through the jungle to the Embera community of Playa Muerto (Death Beach); on our way to this very friendly indigenous community at Playa Muerto, we had to cross an endless amount of small and regular rivers and walk up and down many hills covered by thick jungle.

Your Water To Go Bottle System with its integrated filter which I received at ELA was our constant companion and a  great help for us as we just had to take this bottle with us filling it up whenever we had the need at a nearby river and so, therefore, did not have to carry pre-bottled mineral wáter with us. It was a lifesaver. When you are trekking in the jungle every pound less you have to carry is a relief and counts double.

Later we met at Experience Latin America again we decided to include a co-branded Water to Go bottle in our tour programs as a gift to every participant.

Hover Tours International is one of the best known Incoming tour operators in Panama and is always at the forefront of new trends when it comes to sustainable tourism and improvement for our tours.

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