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Hanoi to Ho Chi Min city

This trip of ours wasn’t of the ‘hacking through the Mekong’ kind of adventure that some of your customers go for but it was an adventure for us as we’re both over 60 and it was a 16-day trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Min city (Saigon) with a good few stops in between and a couple of days in Cambodia. We’d started looking around for water filters well before the trip as we’d heard the water quality in both countries was a bit iffy due to various contaminants which a lot of filters just didn’t handle. So after many an hour on websites and YouTube channels led us to Water-to-Go, we liked the look of the product, the price, and the company ethos so that was it. We got a 75cl for myself and her ladyship went for a 50cl (some kind of colour coordination thing going on ). Now, to be honest, these were only a precaution as bottled water is the thing there and would only be really needed if things went a bit pear-shaped. Even then, we ran the available bottled water through the filter (you never know after all) Murphy’s law does still apply to all things and pears were indeed encountered a couple of times where we had little choice but to use the local water supply. So to sum up, after using the filters exclusively for all drinking water for over 2 weeks on what should have been safe water and some which were very unlikely to have been, we’re both still here without any I’ll effects at all. Good job 🙂
We’ll definitely be taking these filters with us on all holidays in future, be it from pottering around the UK countryside to somewhere wild and wonderful.
Best regards
A.J, Bedfordshire UK
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