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Hydration and less weight on the Cape Wrath Trail

In early July 2022, I completed the Cape Wrath Trail, 222 miles and nearly 14,000 metres of ascent. With a fairly weighty rucksack, I was keen not to be carrying too much water. It helped that I was surrounded by the stuff; in burns, lochs, bogs and from the sky (frequently!). Using my Water-to-Go bottle and a new cartridge, I was entirely happy and hydrated. I tucked away the chemical purification tablets that I had brought with me and solely used the WTG bottle for drinking. Whether it was a quick slug from the bottle as I passed a small trickle of a stream, or pumping it into a 1-litre flask for a more leisurely, longer drink when stopping. It gave me the confidence that I needed to drink from all the waterways in the NW of Scotland, with no ill effects. An excellent water filter in a user-friendly, light bottle. Cath Bateman, IML and WML.

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