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I have always kept my eye out for portable water filtration solutions and have never found one as effective as this Water-to-Go bottle. I am already at the point where I could not imagine not having my Water-to-Go bottle with me, the design is great, it does what it says, and it saves me money!

My Water-to-Go bottle is basically my new companion, if I am in developed countries, I still know that I have my clean 2-3 litres of water each day as long as I find a natural or tap water source. The Water-to-Go bottle has you covered no matter what situation you find yourself in and it is way cheaper than bottled mineral water which has another chemical (BPA) to worry about.

If you are reading this testimonial then you are probably considering purchasing a Water-to-Go bottle, there is nothing to think about, get one! It makes sense for your health and your wallet!

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