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No more Delhi Belly!!

I purchased the Water to go bottle in May a few days prior to my walking trip in Morocco.

 I had returned from my 3rd trip to India in March, where bottled water was only accessible/ made available to us for the first couple of days and once we were on the move we were assured that the water in our accommodation was safe but for the first time ever on this my 3rd trip to India , I succumbed to the Delhi Belly which left me washed out for several weeks after I got home. Through a process of elimination I concluded that the water was the most likely source of contamination and as I didn’t want to risk repeating this on my walking trip in Morocco I did  some research and decided to purchase the Water to Go bottle which meant that I would have safe drinking water from my hotel room  fifteen minutes after filling it up ( we were told by our guide if you don’t have one of these bottles then please don’t drink the water). I didn’t have to go out and search for bottled water like my travelling companions and furthermore my bottle is reusable! There were only 5 in our party and two of us had these bottles and we remained well and confident in their use and I will be taking mine with me wherever I travel to now. One less thing to worry about. Thank you so much
M.B. Leicestershire
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