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Not adding to plastic issues in Peru

I was aware of the unsafe drinking water situation in Peru and was determined to find a water bottle that was able to allow me the security of knowing I would be able to drink water from any source without having to worry about getting very sick in a foreign country but without breaking the bank. I researched filtered water bottles and found the Water to Go website. After reading the specs and the customer reviews, I knew this was the bottle for me.60cl Black Active Bottle I watched my travel companions spend double the amount on single use plastic bottles of water, of which not all is safe to drink, whilst I was able to fill my bottle from waterfalls, or other questionable water sources, and drink with confidence that my water was clean and so was my conscious, as I was not contributing to the single use plastic epidemic. My filtered water bottle was my most treasured and appreciated companion throughout Peru and I cannot recommend Water to Go products enough, nor thank them enough for the important role they play in safe drinking water and their commitment to reduce plastic waste.

Thanks A.O.

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