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Water-to-Go supports the Australia Bushfire Clean Up

Water-to-Go is proud to be supporting ‘Tunnel 2 Towers’, a not-for-profit organisation of Firefighters, who are being deployed to Australia to help with the recovery and clean up operation from the recent bushfires. In association with The Institute of Fire Prevention Officers, Water-to-Go is providing firefighters from the organisation with filter bottles to ensure they stay safe and well hydrated whilst on deployment, without needing to use single-use plastic bottles. Their Water-to-Go bottles are another essential bit of kit along with first aid kits and radios that will help them do their job to the best of their ability and in an efficient manner.

The aim of the recovery operation for Tunnel 2 Towers is to help with the physical work of the clean-up but most importantly it is about “putting an arm on a shoulder and saying we’re here to help”. Australia has been affected by this terrible tragedy in many different ways so the physical and moral support that the organisation can provide will be invaluable.



BBC London TV Interview

In an interview with BBC London on 27th February 2020; retired firefighter, Steve James, from Tunnel 2 Towers explained that the team of over 300 serving and retired firefighters are going to Australia to help with the recovery and show their support for those who need it at this difficult time for the country. Whilst they are not ‘specialist’ enough to help with the actual bushfires, the skills of the organisation lend themselves to recovery and in this instance, they are being deployed to essentially “help get the country back on its feet.”

All the work the organisation do is completely voluntary, it is set up simply to help those in need wherever that may be and therefore rely on the hard work and dedication from their volunteers and members. The organisation sets out to help people from all over the world who have been affected by fires and natural disasters. Steve and the team had also recently been deployed much closer to home, in Hereford and Monmouth, where the dreadful flooding had been causing chaos to so many people and businesses. Previously, they also helped out in New York following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


The Australia Operation

The clean up operation still has a long way to go and this is just one organisation that has been deployed by the government to help with the recovery effort. As T2T explain – “Many people will believe the situation is now over, however in real terms for them the truth is to the contrary. Now it is time for their affected communities to rebuild and recover and that’s where we as a team come in and come together.”


Along with Water-to-Go, Tunnels 2 Towers has partnered up with Etihad Airways to facilitate their major deployment to Australia and are transporting them for the 10,500 mile journey. Etihad have a huge Emirati Humanitarian Conscience and want to assist the people of Australia in their recovery, after the disastrous period they have gone through.


T2T will also be working closely along side Blaize Aid, helping to co-ordinate camps across Southern Australia. Blaize Aid is an incredible charity helping people rebuild their lives after the devastation of the bushfires and we are honoured to be a part of their efforts.




Water-to-Go filter bottles

Steve and the team will be using Water-to-Go’s 75cl filter bottles to help them stay hydrated wherever they are, without needing to worry about the effects of ash or other elements on the water source.


Our filters incorporate unique nanotechnology to eliminate up to 99.9999% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals. This means you can use the bottles anywhere in the world and not have to use single-use plastic bottles that so often pollute our oceans and waterways.


Water-to-Go customers and partners have used our bottles all over the world on their travels and excursions in order to stay healthy and hydrated wherever they are. You can fill the bottles from any non-saltwater source in the world such as a tap, river, stream or standpipe to name a few and our 3-in-1 technology filter will eliminate any harmful contaminants from the water.



Support the Australia Clean Up Operation

We have provided them with filter bottles to help keep them hydrated but we also want to help raise money for this worthwhile cause. Use code ‘BUSHFIRE15’ to get a 15% discount on your next order and from each purchase made using this code, we will donate 15% to Tunnel 2 Towers and their Australian operation.

Use Code: BUSHFIRE15


Whilst we are a commercial business, our mission is to ultimately get our technology to those who need it most and hence help “Change the World, One Bottle at a Time.”

To see the full length interview, click on the video below


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