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Water-to-Go user, Ash Dykes walks into the record books

On 5th August 2014, Water-to-Go user, Ash Dykes, at the tender age of 23, set a new World Record by becoming the first person to walk solo and unsupported over 1,500 miles from west to east across the brutal & unforgiving terrain, of the second-largest landlocked country in the world – MONGOLIA.

In aid of the British Red Cross, Ash, from North Wales in the UK, took just 78 days (well ahead of schedule) to walk through some of the most varied and harshest terrain on the planet, including the Altai Mountains, Gobi desert, Mongolian steppe and facing mother nature’s brutal weather from the snow blizzards, sandstorms, extreme heat to the extreme cold and facing the dangerous Mongolian wildlife – Grey Wolves, Wild dogs and venomous creatures.

Ash pulled a wheeled desert cart carrying all of his own provisions (including his trusty Water-to-GoAsh Dykes Mongolia record breaker filtered bottle), weighing in between 150-200 kg. Ash documented his grueling yet incredible journey across the country, capturing everything he will face from the terrain, the wildlife, the culture, the extreme & changing weather and his own physical & mental state.

Well done to Ash from everyone here at Water-to-Go.

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