Water-to-Go’s Crucial role in the Lombok Earthquake – One Family’s Story

The Russell-Smith Family were trapped by the Life-Threatening Lombok Earthquake

In August 2018, the Russell-Smith parents were enjoying their holiday in the beautiful Gili Islands just off the spectacular coast of Lombok, Indonesia with their delightful 6 and 3 year-old children. The family were amongst a number of holiday goers taking a well-earned break and relaxing on the white beaches and turquoise seas of these stunning islands.

However, they were then caught up in the devastating Lombok earthquake, a series of catastrophic natural disasters that took place throughout the month of August. The family holiday had turned into a disaster. Following the quake, the family ‘had no access to bottled water’ so in scorching 30 Degree heat they desperately needed an alternative source of hydration. This meant they had to rely on the local, and potentially unsafe tap water. The family knew this would be risking ‘at best illness and at worst… it does not bear thinking about with a 6 and 3-year-old in tow’.

Thankfully the Russell-Smith Family were carrying their ‘miracle’ Water-to-Go bottles when the earthquake hit, meaning the ‘bottles literally saved [the family] from dehydration’. Their filter bottles meant the whole family were able to drink the potentially dangerous tap water with complete confidence that they would avoid disastrous illness. The bottles had become a life saver rather than a convenient way to reduce their plastic waste. After returning safely to the UK, the family were delighted with their crucially important Water-to-Go bottles and stated that ‘these bottles will never leave our side again’.

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Seeing a post from @watertogo yesterday made us realise we needed to tell you all about this amazing product! We are not selling and do not work for them! We are just recommending! Having discovered Water-to-Go back in 2015 these miracle bottles have been used by the family for all our travels since including our trips to Bali, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Cuba, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Romania, Iceland, hiking in the Swiss alps, the Tatra mountains, the Brecon beacons and Cornwall. We were first attracted to the fact that we would be reducing our plastic usage and that it would be saving us a fortune on water. It’s was also essential we could always guarantee safe drinking water for the boys. The bottles really became a life saver last year when we were caught up in the Lombok earthquake on the Gili islands. Having no access to bottled water after the quake and so relying on local water when the temperatures were 30+ meant the Water-to-Go bottles literally saved us from dehydration and illness and at worst… it does not bare thinking about with a 6 and 3 year-old in tow. These bottles have never left our side since when traveling. We highly recommend these bottle and that you make sure you have one at least for emergency’s. You can buy them from Amazon and when we last looked Boots as well as direct from their website. #watertogo #family #travel #familytravel #backpackingwithkids #holiday #teachersholidays #cheaptravelwithkids #independenttravel #travelblog #fun #holidays #schoolholidays #travelling #culture #happy #kids #roadtrip

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A big Thank-you to the Russell- Smith Family for sharing their story.

The whole team at Water-to-Go was relieved to know that our unique filter bottles were able to play a small part in keeping you all safe and hydrated in such difficult circumstances.

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