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Essential Gear to keep you safe Outdoors – Wilderness Adventures UK

Guest blog post from Spiro Spiteri, Founder of Wilderness Adventures UK

My name is Spiro, originally from Greek descent; I have been a hunter-gatherer since my early teens, more recently adopting wild camping, vehicle camping, bushcraft, rambling and survival – the key factor in all these activities is the great outdoors!

Back in 2018, I started to document some of my outdoor activities on YouTube, the channel is called Wilderness Adventures UK where we cover many of the above topics.

On the channel we try to clear as much rubbish others have left behind over the decades before us. I’d like to think we are winning though we do need more people to adopt the mind-set ‘leave it better than you found it’; only then will we truly win.

The channel is still in its infancy having just started its 4th year, plans are evolving constantly for trips, gear upgrades and adventures but recently these plans have been a little difficult to follow up on due to what’s going on in the world. However, we have continued visiting our favourite local locations for long walks and will continue to do so until we can spend the nights staring up at the stars.


When heading out there are some essential bits of gear I would personally recommend to keep you safe:

  1. A decent cutting tool; this may be a large or small knife, even an axe, with these you can do many tasks.
  2. A way of making fire; this could be a fire steel, lighter or any other form of fire making, outdoors fire has many uses, from cooking food, boiling water, keeping warm and its great as a moral booster.
  3. A way to purify water; there are many ways to do this, many quite time consuming, so I would recommend a decent water filter. I use my Water-to-Go bottles to keep me safely hydrated wherever I am. I have tested both the 75cl Bottles and Active Bottles and they passed with flying colours! Keeping hydrated is a must, prolonged periods without water can be very detrimental to your health.
  4. Cordage; this could be bank line, paracord or even dupe twine, any cordage!! Again, so many uses from shelter building, trap making or even fishing.
  5. Finally, a tarp or basher of some description; again multi-uses but mainly for the shelter you could build quickly to keep you safe from the elements.

… as a bonus, a sixth item would be a metal pot/cup so you could cook food and boil water.


I have made a small video (above) so you have a reference on exactly what brands and items I use so make sure you visit the channel and subscribe.

Until then – GET outside, take your time and enjoy the outdoors!!!



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