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Water-to-Go supports BSR China; National Disaster and Rescue Organization


Water-to-Go is pleased to be supporting Blue Sky Rescue (BSR) China in the imperative work they do and also helping them to stay safely hydrated wherever they are. It is fantastic to be associated with such a well-respected organisation in China and this partnership further improves our ever-growing reputation.

Water-to-Go is represented in Greater China through HH (Shanghai) Environment Technology Co., Ltd. and they are delighted to support BSR China National Disaster and Rescue Organization. As part of our partnership, BSR workers and volunteers will be using Water-to-Go filtration bottles to access safe, clean water and stay safely hydrated.

Blue Sky Rescue is a non-governmental humanitarian organization that was founded in Beijing in 2007. It is now China’s largest non-profit civil rescue organization that do life-changing work all over the country. Blue Sky Rescue has become an important part of China’s emergency rescue system with around 200,000 volunteers throughout the country We commend their relentless efforts and dedication to helping keep China and their citizens safe, so we were only too pleased to be able to support them in the work they do.

Water-to-Go has been represented in Greater China by HH (Shanghai) Environment Technology Co., Ltd. since 2017 and they have been growing year on year; doing fantastic work to further our mission and goals to make a difference. By partnering up with organisations such as BSR, we are able to fulfill our mission and goals by helping to change the world, one bottle at a time.



BSR is a non-profit organization whose primary tasks are search-and-rescue, information screening, and medical assistance during natural disasters or epidemics. The rescue team has set up 31 branches around China. More than 30,000 volunteers from all walks of life nationwide have been registered and professionally trained with the organisation.

BSR quickly respond to disasters in local communities in China and provide important flood relief and rescue work. They have helped to provide invaluable support during many disasters and epidemics for 13 years now. During the Wenchuan and Nepal earthquakes several years ago, they provided assistance and support, as an important component of rescue forces.

More recently, they have worked on a national voluntary disinfection campaign during the Coronavirus pandemic to help control the virus. Since the start of the epidemic, more than 400 volunteers from seven provinces, including Henan, Shandong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, have been in Wuhan, Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak, to help the local government and residents overcome the challenges. They also helped to deliver medical supplies and offer disinfection services in public venues, office buildings and residential communities.

The organization has now taken part in more than 10,000 search and rescue missions, helping save lives after earthquakes, landslides and hurricanes. It has also become an active participant and leader in international nonprofit rescue missions.



Ever since we started in 2010, Water-to-Go bottles have been used all over the world by all sorts of people including travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, backpackers and adventurers to ensure they stay hydrated and single-use plastic free wherever they are.

Our BPA-free bottles include a filter in them that incorporates 3 different technologies to removes contaminants from water. 1 traditional and 2 nano technologies are combined in one filter cartridge to remove up to 99.9999% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals from any non-saltwater source in the world.

This means you can fill a Water-to-Go bottle from any tap or freshwater source like a river or stream, and be able to instantly access safe, healthy water, free of any contaminants. It also means that you can help protect the planet and save weight by not needing to use single-use plastic bottles, that so often pollute our oceans and waterways.

Water-to-Go filters have been independently tested against internationally recognised standards by industry specialists including The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK), BCS Laboratories (USA), Bangalore Test House (India) and IMI (China). All confirm that the filters eliminate over 99.9% of all microbiological contaminants.

This makes a product such as a Water-to-Go filter bottle very useful and valuable to Blue Sky Rescue as it means they don’t have to worry about finding safe, clean drinking water. They can put their faith in our technology, just like we put our faith in them.



Water-to-Go Ltd. has been celebrating our 10th anniversary as a business in 2020 so we are pleased to have also been helping people stay safe, similar to BSR. Our goals and values align in many ways, which makes this partnership all the more beneficial.

One of our key goals is to support the work of charities and their efforts in supporting the underprivileged. Since we started in 2010, we have supported many different initiatives and worthwhile causes to further our mission and goals. We partner with organisations and people that facilitate impactful efforts focused on improving our environment and our planet. This can be on support for colleagues who travel abroad and need clean water to allow them to carry out their duties and mission.

Giving back is something that is at the heart of what we do so we are always looking to get involved in charitable projects and causes that align with our mission and aims. We want to make a difference and are working with various charities and organisations, as we continue to expand, to try to make that dream a reality. Water-to-Go actively gets involved with and promotes initiatives that help to improve the health and wellbeing of the public. We work together with organisations that share our aims and goals and together we can change the world, one bottle, one person at a time.


Together with BSR, we can help make a difference and keep people safe.

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