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Water-to-Go supports Buckinghamshire Search and Rescue

Water-to-Go are pleased to be supporting the Bucks Search and Rescue team who are taking part in a fundraising event on 12th September 2020. They are a fantastic organisation that do great work in the community but they need our help!

Read more below about the organisation, why we are supporting them and how you can get involved in their campaign

About BSAR

Bucks Search and Rescue are a group of highly trained volunteers available 24/7, 365 days a year, working in support of Thames Valley Police in search and recovery to deliver a service which provides hope to the relatives of missing vulnerable people. They have a team of specialist searchers, trained to operate as foot searchers, or with their boat, bike and drone teams. Bucks Search and Rescue is also a member unit of Lowland Rescue, which sets governing standards for its 36 teams, and is a member of the UK Government’s UKSAR Operator’s Group – the official group which governs all of the UK’s onshore and offshore search and rescue operations.

Bucks Search & Rescue were one of the founding rescue teams from way back in 1987 and have been finding people, providing flood response and county resiliency services for free since then. First and foremost, BSAR are a charitable organisation so when they’re not providing aid and support to the community, most of them have full-time day jobs and family commitments. Therefore, a lot of what they do is dependent on funding and donations so without any support, they would be unable to provide the service they do.

To learn more about what they do, check out their website.


Why we are supporting BSAR

As BSAR are a charity, most of their funding comes from donations from businesses and the public. However, as with most charities during the Covid-19 crisis, their funding has been hit hard. Therefore, they’re asking for support and donations as they launch their inaugural Cross Bucks Challenge event. BSAR is a vital service whose work goes fairly unnoticed so we wanted to get involved and raise awareness of the event.

The funding and donations that they raise from the event will allow Bucks Search and Rescue to fund growing their drone team, equip all their team members with the correct safety uniform, plus help them to train and equip themselves to be the best search service they possibly can be, and to help those in need.

Information about the challenge and on how to donate and support BSAR is explained further down ⬇️



Bucks Search & Rescue team members will be completing a 24-hour multi-activity event to cross the county from Henley-on-Thames in the south of Bucks to Milton Keynes in the north. Individuals or teams must complete the 5 x 20km legs within 24 hours. The challenge begins on Saturday 12th September and finishes 24 hours later on Sunday 13th September.

The challenge is:

  1. Kayak or Paddle board from Henley to Cookham (c.6 hrs)
  2. Cycle from Cookham to Great Missenden (c.3 hrs)
  3. Walk / Run overnight from Great Missenden to Aston Abbots (c.6 hrs)
  4. Cycle from Aston Abbots to Leighton Buzzard (c.3 hrs)
  5. Kayak or Paddle board from Leighton Buzzard to Milton Keynes (c.6 hrs)

This event will help to raise awareness of Bucks Search & Rescue and bring in some much-needed funds to enable them to continue their activities.

If you are interested in getting involved, they are hoping that it will be an open event for the public in 2021, so keep an eye on the Bucks Search & Rescue Facebook page for details.


Helping BSAR stay hydrated

Water-to-Go have donated a few of our filter bottles to the team to help them stay healthy and hydrated throughout their challenge. When you are exercising, particularly for this amount of time, it is essential to keep your body fueled with safe drinking water. By using a Water-to-Go bottle, the team can simply fill up from a tap or freshwater source such as a river or lake, and our 3-in-1 technology filter will eliminate up to 99.9999% of all microbiological contaminants such viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals, leaving them with safe, healthy drinking water. This means that they won’t have to waste time trying to find water and they can also save money and weight by not needing to purchase single-use plastic water bottles. By using Water-to-Go, they will be helping to protect their health, finances, and the planet!

Our new Active Bottle, in particular, is perfect for staying hydrated during any active or outdoor activity. Whether you are cycling, climbing, hiking or camping; you can filter any harmful bugs or contaminants from any non-saltwater source and stay well hydrated with safe, healthy drinking water wherever you are. Whether you want to fill up from a mountain stream, the gym water fountain or washroom tap, Water-to-Go will keep your body both healthy and hydrated.



What you can do to help?

You can support the Buckinghamshire Search and Rescue Team by donating to their fundraising campaign and by spreading awareness of this event and their amazing work that is so often taken for granted.

By donating you will be enabling Bucks Search and Rescue to maintain their essential equipment, which includes:

  • control vehicles which allow them to set up quickly and efficiently for every search
  • boating equipment which extends their capabilities to water and riverbanks
  • maintenance of their bikes so they can build quick responsive searches into their team’s abilities

You can also support them by purchasing a Water-to-Go bottle via our website using the code: BSR15

You will be able to get an exclusive 15% discount on Water-to-Go products whilst 15% of the order will also go to BSAR and the work they do

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