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Getting Outside and Active now that lockdown is eased

Now that the lockdown restrictions have been eased in the UK, it is the perfect time to get out and Active. The latest lifting of lockdown has also brought some great weather for many and lots of our followers have already been making the most of it. Despite the restrictions and lockdowns, we have always been advocating that everyone gets outside where possible for exercise or just for a break.

The great outdoors is our solace in times of difficulty and adversity. It is where we can appreciate the spaces and environment around us, and have some time to ourselves and also with friends and family. Getting outside can be very beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing so it is great to see so many of you enjoying your time in the outdoors.

Whilst you are outdoors, it is also important to stay well hydrated. The perfect way to do that is by using a Water-to-Go filter bottle. Thanks to our 3-in-1 technology in our filters, you can fill up from any tap or non-saltwater source on your hikes or adventures, and have access to safe, clean drinking water, free of any harmful contaminants. Our filters eliminate up to 99.9999% of all microbiological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals; meaning you will have nothing less than the safest, healthiest water whenever you need it.

Furthermore, Water-to-Go filter bottles are the perfect sustainable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles that we so often find polluting our oceans and waterways. Reduce your carbon footprint and plastic usage by using a single Water-to-Go bottle to keep you hydrated anytime, anywhere.

If you are looking to get outdoors and want some ideas or inspiration, then keep reading!


Cain Leathem

Cain Leathem is one of Britains leading Exercise and Nutrition Consultants (being a finalist for 2010 Personal Trainer Of The Year and 2014 Award of Excellence)… having studied extensively aspects of the human body, exercise principles and nutrition, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Biomechanics, Phlebotomy and DNA assessment as well as many other related disciplines. As a highly qualified and experienced consultant he has appeared on TV and radio, has been featured/written in many specialist magazines and newspapers.

He is also the author and course provider for his NABBA affiliated PT Qualifications and his award-winning nutrition courses, as well as owner and director of GB Fitness. His expertise in this field has taken him worldwide. Cain is a Senior Associate with the Royal Society of Medicine and is proud to still be learning after 20 years of studying.

As lockdown has been lifted, he has been getting out camping with his sons and enjoying the great outdoors. He always takes his Water-to-Go bottles with him to stay safely hydrated wherever he is.

“I have used Water to Go bottles for over 6 years now. My whole family use them including my sons aged 4 and 8. Many, many of my clients, that include lots of elite and professional athletes, have them. I am ex Armed Forces and recommend these to any one serving…you never know where you may end up and clean, safe water is a MUST HAVE in any situation! The new bottles have an increased volume and the material is a lot more resilient and forgiving of being treated a little roughly (some people like that kind of thing LOL). I would never be without mine…and in fact I made sure I had mine on my little hike this morning.”

Cain Leathem


Anna Danby

Anna Danby is a mountain leader and the Founder of Wild Roots Highland Guiding in Scotland. After graduating from the University of Edinburgh in ‘Outdoor Environmental and Sustainability Education’, she wanted to find work through which she could inspire others and where she could spend more time outdoors, in wild places, having adventures of any kind.

After working in the informal education sector for many years, she decided to become a mountain leader and also set up her own company, Wild Roots Highland Guiding. Wild Roots provide guided walks in the Scottish Highlands, with landscape and nature at the heart. Each journey is carefully curated to experience a variety of natural and human history whilst walking in breathtaking settings.

You can read more about her journey to becoming a mountain leader here

Following the lifting of lockdown and restrictions, Anna has been itching to get back out in nature, doing what she loves and showing other people around the Scottish Highlands. Recently, she has been back in the mountains, taking in the awesome scenery and staying hydrated by filling up her new Water-to-Go bottle from the tarns and streams along the way.


Lucas (@mount.lukas)

Lucas is a young mountaineer, climber and adventurer who just loves the outdoors. If you are looking for inspiration and and ideas for great walks, look no further than Lucas’ instagram account. It is stacked full of images from his adventures, mainly around the UK, including walking, hiking, swimming, mountain climbing and camping.


He is also a Youth Ambassador for Yugen Explore and is well respected in the outdoor community. He also takes his 50cl Water-to-Go bottle on all of his adventures to keep him safely hydrated and single-use plastic free wherever he goes.

Being able to fill up from any river or stream makes is so easy to access drinking water and means you can save money and weight by only needing to take 1 bottle with you.

Now that lockdown has been lifted, he has been able to get outside even more and enjoy the great outdoors with his family.


You can follow his adventures and keep up with everything he is up to on his social media channels.


Dave Love

David Love is a British adventurer, mountaineer and expedition leader. He’s also a Commissioned Officer in the British Army and survival instructor with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. He’s undertaken numerous expeditions across the world, both by land and sea, and travelled to some of the most volatile countries on earth, including Afghanistan, North and South Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Mali and other swathes of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

But his true passion is rooted in the hills and mountains of Great Britain, where he spends much of his time working with young people with the aim of inspiring the next generation to discover their own spirit of adventure.

Dave is also a Water-to-Go ambassador and has been using his filter bottle to stay hydrated and single-use plastic free on his adventures and travels for several years.

I’m extremely proud to be an ambassador for a British company with a global reach.Having shared values is so important and having used Water-to-Go bottles on all my personal adventures over the past 3 years I can safely say that they are the best personal filter bottles on the planet. They are a huge advocate of reducing single-use plastic too.”

Dave Love

Dave is currently stationed in Cyprus and as they have also been easing out of lockdown, it has allowed him to get out and explore the island further. With his new found freedom from COVID, he is also starting to ease back into cycling and taking advantage of the fantastic rides and year-long good weather; making sure that he stays hydrated with safe, filtered water wherever he is.


So that gives you an idea of what some of our followers are up to now that the lockdown has been lifted and as we start to get back to a new normal. Whilst some things may be different, the one constant will be that we will always have the great outdoors to take solace in and to explore. We hope you have been keeping safe and well the past 12 months and are looking forward getting back out and hopefully travelling again sometime soon.

Send in your pictures with your bottles on your adventures and we may feature them on our website and social media channels.

To keep up with everything at Water-to-Go, keep an eye on our website and social media platforms.

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